Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)

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Your water meter can tell you how much water you're using during a given time period and can help you monitor the amount of water you use indoors and outdoors on a daily basis. If you need on-site assistance or have questions regarding your meter, please contact our customer service representatives at (949) 494-1041.

How to locate your meter

Water Meter Lid

Your meter is usually located by the curb in front of your home and is housed in a concrete box marked "water." Please keep in mind that your water meter is located in a public right-of-way. When landscaping or fencing your yard, maintain enough distance from the meter box to allow us to service or repair the meter. It is the property owner's responsibility to ensure that the meter box is visible and accessible at all times.







How to read your meter

Open Meter Lid

Most District water meters are inside in-ground concrete boxes near the street curb. To expose the gauge, carefully remove the cover and flip open the meter's cap. Notice: When removing the meter cover, be careful not to disconnect or damage the communication wire between the meter and the transmitter located on the cover.









Three Quarter Inch Meter

Meter Read

The numbers preceding the decimal point indicate the amount of water registered in cubic feet (cf). You can compare this number with the number indicated on your water bill. One unit (100 cubic feet) of water equals 748 gallons of water used.








Two Inch MeterFlow Finder

As water flows through your meter a plus symbol will appear below the meter read numbers. If all water in the home is turned off and the symbol remains, you may have a leak.








Coming Soon

In 2018, a customer web portal will be launched to give you access to your own detailed water usage information, as well as allow you to better manage and budget your water consumption. The ability to better understand and view your water use in near-real-time can have a profound impact on water consumption and your conservation efforts.

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