O.C. Water Hero

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Water HeroOrange County is facing a tough water villain - a dreaded drought. While we have enough water to get us through this year, we all need to be more "Water Wise" to make sure there's enough water for the future. We need your help to fight the dreaded drought by becoming an O.C. Water Hero.

Becoming an O.C. Water Hero is easy. Just promise to save 20 gallons of water each day and complete a pledge form. Once we recieve your pledge form, we will send you the official O.C. Water Hero Kit. Each kit includes:

  • A Water Hero badge so friends and family know you are a water conservation expert.
  • A water waster "Fix it" ticket pad, so you can bust water wasters.
  • A water conservation tips magnet.
  • A shower timer.
  • A Water Hero flying disc.
  • Water activity sheets.
  • Water conservation tips stickers.
  • Parent Pledge form, so you can become a Water Superhero.

To become a Water Hero click on the link below.

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